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The Age of Access Jeremy Rifkin Can civilization survive when only the commercial sphere is left as the primary mediator of human life? 1 So much of the world we know.Voting Green presents a sweeping new political platform touching on a wide range of concerns you care about, including the development of a sustainable economy, global environmental security, clean air and water, healthful food, a safe workplace, animal protection, preserving biodiversity, and the future direction of science and technology, to name a few.Jeremy Rifkin (born January 26, 1945) is an American economic and social theorist, writer, public speaker, political advisor, and activist.New books, films and electronic serials March 2016. Connect to Table of. Rifkin, Jeremy.It is an idea that is already changing the values and goals of philosophers, politicians, scientists, businessmen, and economists.

New books, films and electronic serials March

Find out who are the best and worst members of Congress-and how your senators and representatives scored on the Green report card.Animation of The Empathic Civilization. Please click Play, below, to view the animation. Jeremy Rifkin | The Empathic Civilization Blog Entries Comments.Original Synopsis 'The Empathic Civilization' EPUB PDF EBOOK: "In this sweeping new interpretation of the history of civilization, bestselling author Jeremy Rifkin.

On the horizon looms the Age of Access, an era radically different from any we have known.The End of Work [Jeremy Rifkin] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. An analysis of the potentially catastrophic implications of the growing worldwide.

Voting Green contains the most comprehensive congressional report card ever compiled on Green issues.

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We increasingly pay for the experience of using things-in the form of subscriptions, memberships, leases, and retainers-rather than for the things themselves.122 thoughts on “ Zero Marginal Thinking: Jeremy Rifkin gets it all wrong ”. then have a list of contributors ranked by LOC and distribute to them.

An Overview of The Empathic Civilization by Jeremy Rifkin. Transcript of An Overview of The Empathic Civilization by Jeremy Rifkin. by Jeremy Rifkin The Empathic.

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Rifkin observes that we are fast approaching a critical watershed for the fossil-fuel era, with potentially dire consequences for industrial civilization.Such a viewpoint has been used to justify the unrestrained pillage and exploitation of the natural world.Twenty-five nations, representing 455 million people, have joined together to create a United States of Europe.In his latest book Empathic Civilization Jeremy Rifkin presents a sweeping new interpretation of the history of civilization. He looks at.interpretation, and probably amendment of the NEPA is overdue. Rifkin and the' Antichrist' Jeremy Rifkin hardly ranks as a candidate for the post of.

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Summary. The famous American essayist Jeremy Rifkin was at the Planetworkshops in Évian last week to talk about the “Third Industrial Revolution”: the title not.Third industrial revolution in the Grand Duchy. as well as the American prospective economist Jeremy Rifkin. Third industrial revolution is starting in the Grand.

Already, millions of Americans have give up ownership of their automobiles in favor of leasing cars as a service and are renting everything from software to furnaces.Entropy: a new world view by Jeremy Rifkin; 8 editions; First published in 1980; Subjects: Philosophy, Civilization, Entropy, Human ecology, Nonrenewable natural.

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In this provocative and far-reaching book, Jeremy Rifkin argues that the computer revolution is merely a prelude to a far more significant change taking place in the global economy.Jeremy Rifkin President, Foundation on Economic Trends SELLING THE COMMONS > Genes There’s a great north-south issue here. You can’t create a gene de novo in the.

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Biosphere Politics: A New Consciousness for a New Century by Jeremy Rifkin published in 1991 by Crown Publishers, Inc.

Biosphere Politics challenges the conventional vision of the future, which promises security through military might and high technology.Rifkin notes the irony that we live in a culture obsessed with the notion of security, yet we feel less secure than any society in history.The Third Industrial Revolution: How the Internet, Green Electricity, and 3-D Printing are Ushering in a Sustainable Era of Distributed Capitalism By Jeremy Rifkin.The Zero Marginal Cost Society: The Internet of Things, the Collaborative Commons, and the Eclipse of Capitalism.They take up nearly 24 percent of the land mass of the planet and consume enough grain to feed hundreds of millions of people.

The Prophetic Voice in Jeremy Rifkin's Algeny 135 Studies of particular rhetorical exchanges have tended to emphasize the social dynamics of science.A Change of Heart About Animals by Jeremy Rifkin They are more like us than we imagined, scientists are finding. Los Angeles Times,. Jeremy Rifkin,...According to the Entropy Law, whenever a semblance of order is created anywhere on earth or in the universe, it is done at the expense of causing greater disorder in the surrounding environment.LibraryThing Review User Review - dboyce70 - LibraryThing. Rifkin gives an insightful analysis of the shift from property ownership to the information economy and how.

Jeremy Rifkin is a good example of a man with his head. Hydrogen Fuel Cells and the “Hydrogen Economy. exactly where hydrogen fuel cells and other kinds of fuel.Voting Green gives a complete checklist of Green positions by which to judge political candidates in the upcoming primaries and general election.Beyond Beef: The Rise and Fall of the Cattle Culture by Jeremy Rifkin published in 1992 by Dutton Books.The 535 members of Congress are scored on their performance on nearly 300 pieces of Green legislation.The Green Lifestyle Handbook: 1001 Ways You Can Heal the Earth edited by Jeremy Rifkin published in 1990 by Owl Books.Work (1995), Jeremy Rifkin argues that we are entering a new phase in history—one characterised by the steady and inevitable decline of jobs.

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In Biosphere Politics Jeremy Rifkin lays the groundwork for a compelling vision of the twenty-first century.